You Can Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Everybody wants to be healthy, wealthy and wise. There are many reasons why people are not healthy, wealthy and wise. So what is yours?

Unless you are suffering from some form of brain disorder, there is no reason why you should not be wealthy or wise. Unless you are unable to get access to an optimal daily intake of synergistically proportionally balanced proteins, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, glyconutrients, phytonutrients, clean water and oxygen, there is no reason why you should not be healthy.

You need health. Health is the most critical requirement for living. Without health, there is no point in being wealthy, because you will not be able to enjoy your wealth. You will be heading towards the grave and your wealth will not do you any good. Just like when you are born, so will your body be, only worse once the maggots finish with it.

You need to be wise. Wise people attend to their health first. Wise people know that unless they are healthy and of a sound mind, then they will not be able to do much in their life. Being wise means seeking the truth and desiring to know how to produce the best solutions when it comes to solving problems. Wise people may not remember everything that happens, but they are able to resolve difficulties very quick.

Knowledge is a very important in becoming wise. This does not mean having knowledge about underground explosives or the theories of cosmology. What being wise means is having knowledge of how to live your life and produce the best outcomes for yourself, your family and your friends and anyone else who might seek your help.

People become wise when they find the answers about life. This is done by learning about yourself and how you react to certain situations. This is also about how you respond to what other people say to you and how you conduct yourself in various relationships. Do you make life easy for yourself? Or are you constantly putting up barriers in your relationships?

One of the reasons people are poor or do not get the success in life they would like is because of their own lack of understanding of how to relate to other people in all circumstances. There are many internalized barriers that people subconsciously build that prevent them from becoming the success they could have become. Often they blame other people? Often they blame fate? Often it is “if only” who is at fault?

The truth is each one is unknowingly creating his or her own problem. In other words, you are the reason for your failures or if there are areas in your life where things are not going too well, or you seem to have the same recurring problem in relationships or realizing your aims, aspirations, ambitions, expectations and hopes in your life.

The good news is you can quickly learn how to turn all your failures and disappointments into successes and jubilation. Once you learn how to do this you will find yourself becoming healthy, wealthy and wise-happy and free!

The Mantra – Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Everyone wants to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Would anyone like to know how? Everyone also wants to live an engaging life while enjoying the above. These are the things that make us feel joyful.

Using a mantra is one way of self-reprogramming. The objective is to believe, accept, practice, become, enjoy, and excel in a manner that brings us joy.

The following are a few suggestions that may be helpful in realizing a joyful mindset:

I am immortal; I can be anything I want to be

Being healthy is my natural state

A healthy body makes me feel great and brings me joy

I am thankful for this healthy body

I am immortal; I can feel anything I want to feel

Feeling healthy is my natural state

Feeling healthy is joyful

I am thankful for this wonderful experience

I am immortal; I can do anything I want to do

Being healthy allows me to do fun things

Doing fun activities puts the excitement in my life

I am thankful for the joyfulness this brings

I am immortal; I can be anything I want to be

Being wealthy is my natural state

A wealthy life makes me feel great and brings me joy

I am thankful for this overflowing abundance

I am immortal; I can feel anything I want to feel

Feeling wealthy is my natural state

Feeling wealthy is joyful

I am thankful for this wonderful experience

I am immortal; I can do anything I want to do

Being wealthy allows me to do fun things

Doing fun activities puts the excitement in my life

I am thankful for the joyfulness this brings

I am immortal; I can be anything I want to be

Making wise decisions is natural for me

Being wise is what gives me confidence and joy

I am thankful for this wisdom

I am immortal; I can feel anything I want to feel

Feeling wise is my natural state

Making wise decisions helps me feel great about myself

I am thankful for this wonderful experience

I am immortal; I can do anything I want to do

Being wise allows me to confidently do fun things

Doing fun activities puts the excitement in my life

I am thankful for the joyfulness this brings

Although our bodies may be mortal, the lifeforce that powers our bodies is not. We are not actually our bodies, but the immortal lifeforce using these bodies as a conduit to experience this moment.

Anyone who can believe, accept, practice and become the statements mentioned above is likely to enjoy their life to its fullest and excel through their endeavors in a manner that brings them joy!

How to Be Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

This is going to be one of my longer articles so be sure to read it when you are not pressed for time. I was considering breaking it into two or three parts and posting them incrementally but I decided that it would be more beneficial to you to keep it as one article. Don’t let the length fool you…the exercise itself is quite simple to do and very effective. The secret is commitment and follow-through. Like everything else in life, if you want to reap the results you must be willing to do the work…apply the technique on a daily and continuous basis…not just for a week. My suggestion is stick to this for at least 30 days. At that time, evaluate the results and decide whether or not you want to continue. My guess is that you will.

The following is a simple exercise that will have a profound effect on your life…it will make you – Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

The “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” Technique

Here is a simple exercise that if applied on a daily basis will yield huge dividends for you in a very short time. At the risk of being over simplistic if we focus and act on things that will make us happy, healthy, wealthy and wise on a consistent daily basis, we will by default be moving toward actualizing our full potential. This is one of my favorite exercises simply because it is so easy to do…and to remember to do. The exercise is simply this; do one thing every day that contributes to your overall happiness, good health, increased wealth and growing wisdom.

It doesn’t have to be something huge, as a matter of fact small bites are the way to go. The theory here is that small consistent changes over time will result in massive results. The secret is to maintain the small changes while adding additional small changes, giving you compounding benefit. Let’s discuss each category briefly.


As each of us is unique, we have different things that make us happy. The problem is that we see happiness as this huge concept that is reliant on so many external factors that we resign ourselves to the fact that happiness is for fairy tales or is dependent on achieving a specific outcome or outcomes. Nothing could be further from the truth. True happiness comes from the appreciation of what we have, the little things that we take for granted on a daily basis. Focus on those things and happiness will be a way of life. Do one thing every day that make you happy, makes you smile. If eating salami sandwiches makes you happy, then eat salami sandwiches. If dancing makes you happy then turn on the radio and dance. If playing with your kids makes you happy, then set time aside to play with you kids. If watching a sunset makes you happy, then put watch a sunset in your day-timer and make sure you are where you can see the sunset.

Spend five minutes every morning when you wake up and just before you go to bed and list 10 things that you are grateful for. It doesn’t matter what it is, the only thing that matters is that you are focused on what makes you happy and you are doing something everyday to fulfill that focus.


Much like happiness, being healthy is all about making the right choices and doing the right things. Health is not about living a life of deprivation and abstinence and doesn’t have to be a difficult challenge. You can do anything and eat anything as long as it’s in moderation. Even too much of a good thing isn’t good for you. Do one thing every day that contributes to your overall good health. That might be taking the stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator. Cutting back by one cup of coffee a day and/or use half the sugar than you usually do in your cup of coffee. Eat fruit for breakfast. Eat a salad with your lunch and dinner. Go for a walk after dinner. Play tag with your kids. Skip a desert from time to time. Eat smaller portions. Drink more water. Take five minutes every morning when you wake up and just before you go to bed to breathe deeply, perhaps just before listing all the things that you are grateful for.

You will notice that a lot of the things that are good for you, that contribute to your overall good health are also some of the things that make you happy. You can kill two birds with one stone, sometimes three. For instance, playing tag with your kids can fulfill your daily activity for both happiness and health. If watching a sunset makes you happy then go for a half hour walk to the spot where you are going to watch the sunset and what the heck, take a salami sandwich with you. If dancing is something that makes you happy then you are by default getting healthier as you are getting happier. It doesn’t have to be difficult you don’t have to have an expensive membership to a fancy gym. It doesn’t have to be all encompassing and dominate your life. Simply do one thing everyday that will benefit your overall health and fitness. The by-product of this is that the healthier you get, the happier you are and the better you look and feel about yourself


Increasing your wealth or adding to your wealth is not as difficult as you may think. It can be achieved through daily choices and behaviours that support your wealth strategy. To put things as simply as possible, you must ensure that you have money at the end of the month, not month at the end of the money. Some daily activities that you can do to contribute to your wealth could be to buy generic products instead of brand name products, or buy at bulk stores like Costco or Price Club. Other activities that would benefit you financially would be to read about wealth management and learn about proper investment techniques and strategies. Remember, no one will take care of your money like you will. Rely on experts when needed but reduce your reliance on them as much as possible.

Remember that cup of coffee that you cut out of your daily routine why not use the money you saved by not buying that café latte (sorry Starbucks) to create wealth for yourself. I know it seems a bit far fetched, but if you put the three or five dollars a day that you save by buying one less cup of coffee a day in a interest bearing investment or mutual fund, you will be amazed at the long term financial benefit you will receive. Five dollars a day may not sound like much, but over the course of a year it means an extra $1825 of savings plus whatever interest you earn. Over the course of a life time, when you take compound interest into account it could be worth hundred of thousands of dollars when you retire.

That one small change that was meant to benefit your physical health had the added benefit of contributing to your wealth as well. Another way of adding to your wealth would be to attend workshops and seminars regarding your chosen field and career, continue to develop yourself professionally so as to create a greater demand for your services and as a result a greater salary.

The best thing that you can do to enhance your financial position in life is change your focus to one of abundance, not scarcity. If you have been following the advice in my recent posts you are already leaning toward a life of abundance. Spend some time each day in wonder and awe of the infinite possibilities out there for you, the magnificent life that you are living and the even better life waiting for you. Adopt a belief that says everything comes to you easily and effortlessly and soon it will.


This category goes hand and hand with each of the three earlier categories. Constantly be searching for better ways of gaining the results that you want in your life. Gain wisdom in matters of happiness, health and wealth. This can be achieved through taking some time each day to read a good book, attend a seminar, listen to tapes or CD’s, talk to a knowledgeable person, meditate, talk to your kids, research a role model or simply learn through doing. The important thing to remember here is that learning never stops. You must continue to learn through your entire life. What you learn is not as important as that you learn. Make a commitment to develop your intellect and knowledge base on a daily basis.

In Closing;

For most people, each one of these categories carries with it a feeling of overwhelm, a feeling that the attainment of happiness, healthiness, wealth and wisdom can only be achieved through hard work and life long dedication, that they are somehow just out of our reach unless through sheer will power and resolve we fight hand over fist to make them happen, even so there is no guarantee that they will ever happen. With that thought process and belief is there any wonder why most don’t even attempt to gain mastery over these areas. The thought that these things are meant only for the best of us, the lucky, the chosen few, or the most disciplined is complete and utter bunk. We have been conditioned to believe that these things are difficult to attain and elusive. THEY ARE NOT. If you have been paying attention so far, you will notice that there is a theme here. That theme is simplicity. It should not be difficult, in fact if it seems difficult, then you’re doing it wrong. Simple activities done daily will result in massive change in the long term. Another point to remember is that it should be fun. You weren’t put on this earth to suffer, what ever you do have fun at it. There is no reason why we can’t get happy, healthy, wealthy and wise and have fun while we are doing it.

Ray Bertani is a Corporate Consultant, Public Speaker and Trainer and Coach in the areas of Human Resources, Leadership, Personal development and Peak Performance. He is the Managing Director and Founder of “Cura Solutions”, a Professional and Personal Development firm located in the Metro Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada, dedicated to helping great people achieve their potential.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise – Makes a Goddess Healthy, Wealthy and Wise – Good Morning Universe!

Early to bed, early to rise.

Makes a Goddess healthy, wealthy and wise.

Since starting my own business I’ve enjoyed the freedom of allowing my body to wake up whenever it wants. No schedules, no alarm clock, no clients until 10 am at the absolute earliest.

And, I’ve loved it!

But as a result of my relaxed mornings I’ve become quite the night owl… up late working on creative projects for my business and burning the midnight oil night after night, sometimes into the wee-hours of the morning.

This worked for me for awhile, but lately I’ve been feeling a little burned out… Like I’m working all the time, like I’m playing catch up to meet deadlines and finish projects. And I realize this is not the energy I want to create I my business or my life.

So this week I’ve made the decision to reclaim my mornings by waking up early. I mean really, really early. I mean like 5 am early.

Call me crazy, but I actually like it.

Sure, the first couple of mornings I rose from bed on sheer will, cursing under my breath as the sound of my alarm clock jarred me out of my restful slumber. I stumbled out of bed in a fog, fumbling to start my morning with a little yoga or strength training (and foregoing my sacred cup of coffee until after the morning workout). Yeah, it was rough.

But by the third morning, I was actually starting to enjoy it. Not only am I finally honoring myself by making my workouts a priority (no more making excuses about how “I don’t have time to workout” because my day got too busy!), but by getting my body moving so early I’m able to kick-start my day into action.

After my workouts the rest of the day just seems to flow effortlessly. I’m starting work hours earlier than I was before and burning through my daily tasks with a keen and attentive mind. In fact, it amazes me how much a girl can accomplish by noon when she starts working at 7 am.

Not only that, but I’m finding that by 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon I’m actually in a pretty good position to put down the laptop and enjoy the rest of my life! Wow ~ who knew. Temporary balance attained!

So yes, I’ve given up my alarm clock free mornings and my late night television (I miss you Chelsea Lately), but I’ve gained so much more. I’m enjoying the simplicity of greeting the rising sun with a sun salutation. I’m tapping back in to the endless opportunities of the day ahead. And I’m realigning myself with the magic of the dawn ~ that in-between time that’s neither night nor day, that time when anything seems possible… because it is.

How Healthy, Wealthy and Organized Are You?

There’s at least one area in almost everyone’s life that could stand to be decluttered. Am I right? For me it’s ideas. I chase, catch and store way too many bright, shiny ideas – more than I’ll ever have a chance to see to fruition in a couple of lifetimes. That bulging trunk of possibilities can distract and confuse me – cause me to lose focus and “leave undone those things which I ought to have done.”

All of our material and mental excess is about so much more than the objects themselves. In my case I know I need to unpack that mental suitcase, but to be honest, sometimes the thought of it causes anxiety. Yet I know that letting go leaves space for more to come. That’s true of our relationship to everything in the physical and the spiritual world.

We are just around the corner from the spring of a new decade. I’ve heard (and thought myself) so often lately that people feel this will be their best year yet. There’s something about this year that makes us feel hope – especially after the tumultuous years since the millennium began. What I believe is that we’re invited to pay more attention to our lives and well being in this decade. We’re prompted in many ways to identify with our unique gifts and focus on our purpose. Like hitting the “Refresh” button on your computer – it’s time to clean house – and renew your energy and your spirit.

When you look at your relationship to things -and their energy-do they bring you joy? Do they distract or burden you? Whenever you have “off purpose” items in your life or on your agenda – that is, people, places and things that don’t enhance or advance you – your life becomes complicated, confusing and chaotic.

Life is an ever flowing, ever moving energy exchange. You’ll experience the fullest spectrum of power and choice when you simplify your world so you can focus on what ignites your personal energy.

I believe we have to keep it as simple, practical and authentic as possible. Eat real food that gives you real energy and sustains your life. Move. Clear out your head.

Once you get that far, you’ll create motivation to declutter other areas of your life. This is my theme for 2010 – healthy, wealthy and organized. It means taking responsibility and taking ACTion™ to get out of your personal “clutter zone” and into the clean, clear air of possibility and power.

Acceptance: of yourself and who you are. No stories, excuses, blame or guilt. Saying adios to choices that don’t support self-care, self-value, and self-worth. Be willing to embrace the AUTHENTIC you – or find her at any cost. Nothing is more important.

Challenge and commit: What are your core beliefs and how do they help or hinder you? Are your attitudes holding you back? Are they negative, critical or judgmental? Get clear on exactly how you might be sabotaging yourself – then commit to change – now. It sounds overly simple, I know – but that’s the absolute cornerstone of my philosophy – simplicity and practicality. You can’t deliver what you came to deliver if you don’t make up your mind that you can and you will. Movement begets more movement. Start doing it even when you feel funky and when you get beyond it, you’ll realize you aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Take baby steps: This is the way out of the woods once and for all. Little changes over time make maximum transformation possible. Quick fixes don’t work. Rapid transformation that lasts is impossible. Change happens one step at a time. Sudden change causes regression in most cases. Our bodies and minds have a powerful ability to adapt to change when it comes at us in measured amounts.

Clutter is a mirror of who we are and how we feel at a particular point in our lives. It steals your time, your energy, and your self esteem. When you look around at all the things left undone – it isn’t long before you can feel the motivation and energy draining out of you. On the other hand, when you’re organized and in control – it fuels your energy. You’ll make time for the other important things (like eating clean and working out!) because you feel you can.